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We will be comparing and tracking single Trading Card prices from a number of different vendors.

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Magic The Gathering Single Cards

Card prices vary on rarity and demand. It is a case of buyer beware when buying Magic cards on the second hand market as there are fakes out there. We try to link only to reputable sites to avoid this. 

How Much Does Magic The Gathering Cost To Get Started?

It can cost about £10 – £15 to get a Magic The Gathering Starter Deck though the real fun and skill (and outlay) comes with deck building. You could start with a starter deck, but you can expand your collection with boosters and other sealed product like Bundle Boxes. Bundle boxes give you a number of boosters,  plus land and typically some other goodies. The best decks may require aquiring specific cards. Swapping with other collectors is one good way, though buying cards is sometimes the only way to guarantee getting that specific card you are looking for.

Latest Magic The Gathering Sets

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