Build an Outlaws of Thunder Junction Deck for Commander Party

Build a Commander deck with DJ from Jumbo Commander to bring to an Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander Party near you! Are you an outlaw on the run or an upstanding citizen?

Commander Party events allow for a little added excitement to spice up your traditional game of Commander through additional game materials that integrate flavors of Outlaws of Thunder Junction into the game. And it should come as no surprise that for this round of Commander Party events, you are encouraged to do all the crimes (within the confines of Magic) … but there is, however, a catch.

All players using the Commander Party materials for this round will start off as an Upstanding Citizen, as one does. The upstanding life will get boring, though, and during each player’s end step, they distribute bounty counters among the five vaults. Any player during their turn can flip their Upstanding Citizen material over to be On the Run, robbing the vault of its bounty counters to get a vault’s bonus. When you’re On the Run, other Upstanding Citizens have an incentive to chase after you for your bounty, so be careful!

Claim your loot! Everyone who participates in The Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander Party will receive a retro frame Costly Plunder! Non-foils will be available at most WPN retailers, while traditional foil copies will be available at WPN Premium locations.

Participants who use their Wizards Account to sign up and play in the Commander Party (or who create a Wizards account via the Magic Companion app for the event) will get Costly Plunder (where available and while supplies last).

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