Episode 1: Calamity Comes to Valley | Bloomburrow Story

Helga stared at the midmorning sunlight glinting on the rippling surface of the water, its patterns and portents as inscrutable as its darker depths. Cattails and long grasses swayed above her, and a bright dragonfly chased a cloud of gnats. Warm muck and growing things scented the air, comforting her uneasy heart. The pencil she gripped seemed to move of its own accord as her other hand balanced her leaf-bound journal on her lap.

Read it here: https://magic.wizards.com/en/news/magic-story/episode-1-calamity-comes-to-valley

See more at http://MTGStory.com

This story is written by Valerie Valdes, narrated by Harless Snyder.

Thumbnail art is illustrated by Andrea Piparo.

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