Open House for Murders at Karlov Manor is This Weekend!

Open House is a great opportunity to bring a friend who has been wanting to check out Magic. Visit your participating local game store Feb 9-11!

When you attend Open House, you and a friend will be given two Jumpstart boosters after registration. Then you’ll pair up with your friend and play Two-Headed Giant events against other veterans who also bring friends. These events are low-stress opportunities to get right into the fun of Magic.

Participants who use their Wizards Account to sign up and play in an Open House (or who create a Wizards account via the Magic Companion app) will get a retro-frame copy of Underworld Connections (where available and while supplies last). Additionally, an alternate-art Cultivate may also be available for those who bring a friend to learn how to play!

Learn more here:

Find a participating store near you:

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