Outlaws of Thunder Junction Debut Recap | Magic: The Gathering

Explore Magic’s brand spankin’ new plane of Thunder Junction! Find out what has been revealed so far, learn criminally fun mechanics, check out fancy new card treatments, and more. Anything is up for grabs, and outlaws are grabbing for everything. Welcome to the land of opportunity… for crime!

00:00 Introduction
00:36 New Mechanic – Plot
00:48 New Mechanic – Crime
01:11 New Mechanic – Spree
01:38 New Mechanic – Outlaw
01:54 New Mechanic – Saddle
02:23 Alt Art and Card Styles
02:38 The Vault
03:05 Crime Bonus Sheet
03:21 Story
03:47 MTG Arena
04:00 Where to find Card Previews
04:31 Outlaws of Thunder Junction Event Schedule

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