The Studio X Q&A

You asked, we answered! Studio X take questions from the audience and social media about Magic: The Gathering for a full hour! Join VP of R&D Aaron Forsythe, VP of Player Experience Elaine Chase, Senior Art Director Ovidio Cartagena, and Senior Game Designer Melissa DeTora. Hosted by Trick Jarrett from the Wizards Social & Community Team.

0:00 Opening
2:19 Discussing cards being made for a wide range of folks
4:42 Discussing the health of Standard
8:34 What is Wizards doing to cultivate analog game designers
11:31 Can players take a hand in the design process in the future?
13:24 Is it more or less challenging to work with Universes Beyond?
15:08 Are we afraid of running out of design space for Magic?
18:01 Discussing Designer’s block
19:05 Discussing Pioneer and its future
21:10 How does the 3-year Standard affect design?
22:28 What plans are there for catering to younger kids for Magic?
25:32 Advice for aspiring Magic artists
26:56 Discussing card design for multiplayer design and Legacy
29:45 How we consider potential Universes Beyond partnerships
32:22 How does Studio X think about powercreep?
36:28 Favorite card each person has had a hand in designing
41:21 On the philosophy about unbanning cards in formats
43:49 What casual formats other than Commander do Studio X think about?
45:08 Discussing the One-set model vs the three-set model
47:06 What does "Vice President of Player Experience" mean?
48:54 What tools does Studio use for their design and testing work
51:57 Advice for aspiring game designers and how to get to work at Wizards
58:35 Favorite thing done that has improved Magic
1:01:01 Where would you like to see Magic in 5 years?

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